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Already a Popular effect, the POWER SPOT 250 has all of the effects known to the 250watt moving yoke fixture PLUS added features you wont find in any other Spot 250! The Power Spot 250 is one of the faster moving yokes available. The Power Spot also utilizes the highest grade components available for a very reliable unit.

Elation Powerspot 250

SKU: Powerspot250

• High Luminous-Efficiency axial reflector and double condenser lens system
• Remote Focus via DMX
• 11 Colors + White
• 6 Gobos + Spot;
 All interchangeable, index able, rotating
• Gobo Shake Effect
• 3 facet prism
• Variable speed strobe effect
• Linkable
• Sound activated built in programs
• Mechanical Dimming 0-100%
• Mechanical High Speed shutter
• Strobe and Pulse effect
• Fan cooled (Sunnon Fans)
• Fan speed adjustable via DMX
 Effect Features
• 16 accesable movements via DMX
• Pan/Tilt/Color set to Sound Active mode via DMX

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